Cargo bikes – Hand build in Denmark

Are you looking for a new bike to transport your kids and family, these cargo bikes might be suited for you. A cargo bike is not like a regular bike you know. It’s made for transportation of kids and belongings. They have three wheels and a cargo in front for kids, backpacks and groceries. They are especially popular in the country of Denmark. Denmark is known to be a bike country and therefore a lot people transport their family around in these cargo bikes.

We recommend a company like WintherBikes, which is known for their cargo bikes, which have a test-winning design. They have different models which have different price ranges. You should most likely find a model that suites your needs. The most important things are quality and safety when it comes to cargo bikes. A cargo bike needs to be made of high quality. The high quality secures a greater riding experience and a safer ride. If you are bringing your kids around, you should definitely bring them around safe.

Find their models and many accessories here

WintherBikes have more than just cargo bikes, but they are especially known for these types of bikes. In total they have four different cargo bikes to choose from. Afterwards you could also have a look at the many accessories which will work with the cargo bike. It could be another seat, insect net, sun screen protection, garage cover and etc. They have everything you need to protect the cargo bike itself and make the experience better for both you and your kids.

If you have a hard time bringing around your kids, you could look into their different e-solutions. This will make the transportation a lot easier. The weather, weight and terrain could give you a hard time, so their e-solution might be a great help.