Electric bicycle

Alternative bicycle

Are you looking for a new bicycle? We will take a look at electric bicycle as an alternative to regular bicycle. A regular bicycle is a great for transportation and doesn’t differ a lot from an electric bicycle. The obvious difference is that an electric bicycle has an electric motor, which will make it easier for you to travel a longer distance or ride during tough weather or terrain. Most people know that a hill can be a challenge with a regular bike and therefore we recommend that you take a look at electric bicycles as an alternative.


The motor makes it easier for you to keep up the speed, ride in challenging weather and terrain. Some of the bicycles lets you achieve an average speed of 15 mph, which is pretty high. If you need some extra speed and comfort, we would strongly recommend trying an electric bicycle. WintherBikes is a great company, if you need a new bicycle, such as an electric bicycle, cargo bike, bike trailer or other bicycle products.

The price of buying and having an electric bicycle

The price is also great. Many would expect that this kind of bicycle would be expensive, but that is actually not the case. It’s of course possible to buy a regular bicycle for less than an electric bicycle, but you can buy them for $1000 or even less. The price for maintaining and operating is actually also kind of low, especially if you compare it to other sorts of transportation with a motor. Fuel like gas is much more expensive and the means of transportation such as a car or scooter have many other expenses. A fully charge of a motor on an electric bicycle is only $0.50. Some of the bicycles can travel up to 95 miles with a full charge, which makes the cost very low.